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A playlist is a list of dashboards that are displayed in a sequence. You might use a playlist to build situational awareness or to present your metrics to your team or visitors. Grafana automatically scales dashboards to any resolution, which makes them perfect for big screens. You can access the Playlist feature from Grafana’s side menu, in the Dashboards submenu. You create a playlist to present dashboards in a sequence, with a set order and time interval between dashboards. • To access the

New Resources for Contributors to the Grafana Project

Earlier this month, Ivana Huckova, one of Grafana’s junior developers, wrote an article about how to contribute to Grafana as a junior dev. As an open-source project supported by engineers around the world, Grafana strongly encourages anyone to contribute. And ICYMI, there are many opportunities to help: Testing the UI and reporting issues, finding and fixing bugs, and improving the documentation are just a few. Have you checked Grafana’s Slack or GitHub repository lately? You might have spotte

How to “Keep Good Records:” A Few Basics for the Self Employed

This is a guest article by Brenda from If you are interested in contributing to Debt RoundUp, please follow our guidelines. Maybe that short-term contract you signed was extended, or your direct sales business is really taking off. If you suspect that you’ll actually start making some noteworthy cash, it’s time to start getting organized, and prepare yourself for being self employed for real. Every year, independent contractors fearfully begin their taxes—and rightly so. Tax ti

How to get free stuff from everywhere - 6 Secrets!

These days, more and more companies are responding to customer complaints and suggestions in a generous way by sending coupons for free products, prompt refunds or even replacement products. Here’s what you can do to keep the perks coming. Maybe every few hundred points earned at the grocery store gets you 5 cents off per gallon at a specific gas station, or a free voucher for a product you buy regularly. But rewards programs aren’t limited to grocery stores, and there are ways you can maximize