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Rabbit - Community Guidelines

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Rabbit has a vibrant, social community, made up of awesomeness. Big chats, little chats, and groups for everyone. Please help us keep our community safe, welcoming, and strong by following these few guidelines.


The only good use for SPAM is on a sandwich, with ketchup and tomatoes. So, if you feel like repeating the same word a bunch of times, or audio-spamming the room, take it elsewhere.

Otherwise, we consider this abuse of our site and users, and we’ll do our best to show you the door.

Let’s keep the conversations lively, and original.

Advertising, duplicate or off-topic comments.

Using Rabbit to promote or advertise other websites, products, and services, will result a ban from the chat. We’re a free service, and not here to help you make money.

Vulgar language, name-calling and personal attacks.

Chats were made to be enjoyed. Feel free to discuss and criticize ideas, but keep the conversation appropriate for all ages (PG, please) in our public rooms. If other users are offended by your actions, we reserve the right to remove you from Rabbit without warning.

Sexual or other harassment, catfishing and stalking.

Rabbit is meant to be a fun place, where you can hang out and share your interests. Harassing and stalking other users is not welcome here, and we take all reports of this seriously. We’ll ban people who act this way from using our site, and if necessary, report them to Law Enforcement.

Nudity in a Public Space.

We know you love your junk, but a lot of other Rabbits don’t. If you’re in a public space, keep your clothes on and your naked selves to yourself - we do not tolerate nudity. We also do not tolerate Involuntary nudity (sharing nudity of another person without their consent) ANYWHERE in Rabbit. If you’re reported, or we’re otherwise made aware of your actions, you will be banned from Rabbit.

If you’re invited to a private room, make sure that the rest of the people in the room are comfortable with nudity or NSFW behavior. If you’re hosting your own private room, do as you wish, as long as you keep it legal.

Pornographic or NSFW Content - on video or posted in chat.

We don't care what you're into (unless it's illegal or against these Community Guidelines), as long as you keep it private and out of our public spaces. If you think that content is NSFW or obviously porn and being shown in a public space, use the flag feature to let us know, then leave the room.

Illegal Content – sharing or inciting to share.

We monitor our site closely for illegal activity and materials. If we find that you’ve shared illegal content, we will report you and the content to Law Enforcement. If a user reports you for illegal activities, we will investigate and report that as well.

Remember, when you created your account you agreed to our Terms of Service. If you need a refresher on our detailed conduct guidelines, here’s a link to the User Conduct Section. (link)