Brenda Harjala

Hello! My name is Brenda, and I'm here to tell you about myself, and my passion for content + community.

I live in Seattle with my family unit: an adorable son, my angler husband, and my small hoard of yarn. I love to fly to sunny beaches, drive to mountaintops, and hike to fishing holes in the Pacific Northwest. 

After graduating, I packed up my car and drove from the snow to the ocean. Once there, I began my freelance writing career creating content for companies like Travelocity,, and various startups before taking on the Head of Community role at a company called Rabbit.

Rabbit made me who I am today - a dedicated content + community worker bee. I was the voice of our user to the Rabbit, and the voice of Rabbit to our community.

Who am I now?

I'm a writer, editor, and community manager. I love excellent content, and I have a thing for engaged communities. I truly believe that a company's online image is their content and community, and I know how to make them work harmoniously. 

Professional Experience

  • Content Management (CMS)
  • Community and Social Media Management
  • Copywriting, Blog Writing, and Creative Writing
  • Technical Writing and Knowledge Base Writing
  • Customer and User Support Management
  • Product, Content, and Email Marketing
  • Trust & Safety Management


  • Michigan Tech University, Scientific & Technical Communication (B.S.)